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Digital X-Ray

X-ray imaging creates pictures of the inside of your body. ... The most familiar use of x-rays is checking for fractures (broken bones), but x-rays are also used in other ways. For example, chest x-rays can spot pneumonia.

CT Scan

allows doctors to see inside your body. It uses a combination of X-rays and a computer to create pictures of your organs, bones, and other tissues. It shows more detail than a regular X-ray. You can get a CT scan on any part of your body.

E.C.G & Stress Test

An exercise stress test is used to determine how well your heart responds during times when it's working its hardest. During the test, you'll be asked to exercise — typically on a treadmill — while you're hooked up to an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine. This allows your doctor to monitor your heart rate.


focused upon the study and diagnosis of disease through the examination of molecules within organs, tissues or bodily fluids. ... Pathology is widely used for gene therapy and disease diagnosis.


Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure used to examine a person's digestive tract. Using an endoscope, a flexible tube with a light and camera attached to it, your doctor can view pictures of your digestive tract on a color TV monitor.


The Laboratory specialty areas in Erom Healthcare Diagnostic include: Histopathology, hematology, chemical pathology and microbiology

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