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What you'll do: Sonographers, also called ultrasound technicians and diagnostic medical sonographers, use ultrasound waves to produce images of internal body tissues. This helps doctors diagnose and monitor a variety of conditions such as heart disease, pregnancy and cancer.


  • Preparing the patient(s) for the Ultrasound examination.

  • Selecting the appropriate equipment for the ultrasound examination.

  • Performing ultrasound examinations that yield important diagnostic information.

  • Uploading of scan result in the hospitals software e.t,c




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Applicant must be an experienced Sonographer.


Quality Assurance Manager

Job Description

Quality Assurance Manager strive to bring out the best in their companies. They work tirelessly to ensure that their employees, products, services, and processes meet the needs of their clients.

These managers must be analytical and creative, always coming up with new ways to satisfy needs and encourage workers. They help design enforce quality controls in order to maintain company standards. They also help communicate expectations to employees and provide coaching and corrective action when needed. Quality assurance managers must be excellent communicators with a strong desire to help others.

Responsibilities of Quality Assurance Manager:

  • Design, implement and improve company quality standards.

  • Analyze data in order to find areas for growth.

  • Assist in the recruiting process.

  • Training, motivating, coaching, and correcting employees to ensure that standards are met.

  • Create reports to track progress.

  • Formulate strategies to increase productivity.

  • Review processes in order to ensure that they align with current trends.


  • Bachelor’s degree or Associate’s with experience in the field.

  • Technical proficiency, must be able to use computers to generate reports.

  • Ability to analyze data and create and review processes.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • A desire to help others achieve their best.

  • Willingness to assist other departments to develop solutions and metrics.

  • Eye for details.

Quality Assurance Manager



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